5 Things to keep in mind when working as a DJ for the wedding

If you are looking forward to become a DJ and you want it to pursue as a career, then the chances are that you had been practicing well since long on your starter DJ kit and today you are already practicing in the field and might soon be getting an order.

Wait, did you already get an order booked for an event? Then you must be getting ready for it and you will need all the help you can get to deliver the perfect DJ tuning. So, you have to plan according to the event and if the event is a wedding, then it’s an amazing event to start with, however, you have to be very careful too because there are a lot of emotions involved in this whole event, there is a specific timing for all the things and you will be required to provide the music according to each phase of the plan.

So let us take a look at all the things that you will have to consider when you are serving as a DJ for a wedding.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is to be professional. Instead of losing focus on getting a big order, try making it a signature wedding with reference to the DJ and music so that you can get hired in the future as well. For this, make sure you have done all your preparations before the wedding day and have planned everything ahead of time.
  2. Quite many days before the wedding, you need to get all the required questions answered by the party so that you know what gear you will be provided with and what you have to take along. You can make it in the form of a questionnaire to be saved for later as well and ask those who are hiring you, to fill it for you. For example, ask them whether they would be providing you with microphone and all the other things.
  3. Talk to the wedding arranging people and get to know what is expected of you. What you have to deliver and how you have to do all the things. If you are thinking that they would arrange everything and they think you will manage it all, clear all the confusions beforehand.
  4. You need to understand this as well that when you are at a wedding, you have to play the music you are asked for. If they tell you to play anything, then that would be great, but if they bound you to it, accept it. You are there for them.
  5. Make sure that you have proper knowledge of multiple genres of music. And to stay on the safer side, ask for the kind of music they would like to be played. Then there is specific music for several happenings of the wedding, do ask for it as well.

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