Cutting-Edge Tech All Crown Agencies Need: Board Portals

Organizations like Crown agencies often have board directors who live in different cities, which can present a challenge to their mandate for better governance and more transparency. How are directors supposed to work closely together if they live so far apart?

Many boards of Crown agencies today are relying on cutting-edge communications technology like board portals to keep connected in a way that’s fundamentally secure. Keep reading to learn more about how this software gives Crown agencies the tools they need.

Centralized Communication

Sometimes the multitude of different ways there are to communicate end up making communication more complicated. However, if your board uses software from an industry leader like Aprio’s board portal software your communication will be simplified, because a board portal allows all board members to communicate in one place using whatever device they prefer most.

Directors will never have to waste time bouncing back and forth between emails and text messaging, as the one centralized location stores all communications. Board portal software is also cloud-based, which means your directors can always access all the important board documents they need using their laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

This feature also means that the documents themselves can’t get lost, while going paperless reduces your organization’s carbon footprint and makes courier fees unnecessary.

Close Mobile Collaboration

Board portal software facilitates remote teamwork in multiple ways. Board directors can easily share documents and leave comments and questions for colleagues in the margins. When one director edits a document, the others receive a notification alerting them to the change — this way, no time is wasted getting people up to date.

When an issue requires a vote, a built-in polling feature determines consensus quickly. Your directors will be better prepared before, during, and after board meetings when they use board portal software. Additionally, the work required for board meeting prep is easier, faster, cheaper, and even more environmentally friendly.

Robust Security

At a time when newspapers are full of stories about corporations and even political parties getting hacked, it’s understandable that Crown agencies are mindful about security. Board portals are designed to assuage all these concerns.

Industry leaders in the board portal industry use advanced encryption to prevent malicious parties from accessing sensitive and confidential information. They also allow their customers to choose the country in which the server storing their information will be located, and they always adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications.

Each log-in should be authenticated, so the Crown agency knows that everyone who accessed the system had permission. Access can also be controlled and limited as needed, with role-based permissions giving admins total power over who can see what documents.

If an organization-issued device goes missing, its board data can be wiped remotely to avoid a breach. If this director with the missing device needs to access important board documents, all they need to do is log in from any other desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Crown agencies have made excellent use of board portals, and this cutting-edge tech will also help any organization seeking to keep their decision makers connected, improve their governance practices, and promote transparency.

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