5 things to check before buying a used smartphone

Looking for a new smartphone but you do not want to invest $ 600 or take a long-term package from an operator? Buying a used phone can sometimes be a good idea, since a high-end phone from last year may be better and cheaper than current affordable devices. However, you must be very careful before buying the device. Here are 5 things to watch to Buy Used iPhone:

Is it a stolen device? 

Many used phones, especially those purchased online at a classifieds site, are stolen phones. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to know for sure if this is the case, since a clever thief could change the IMEI code of the phone, which makes the device almost untraceable, even if you do a thorough search.

If the seller seems accustomed to selling cell phones, or if he offers you another model when you say that you are not sure that this is what you are looking for (“I think I prefer an iPhone to an Android finally “), this may be a sign that you are not in the right place.

As is usually the case with used appliances, buying it from someone in your circle of friends would probably be a better idea.

Does the phone work properly? 

Does the device work well? Try listening to music in headphones, taking a picture or making a call. You can also check if all the pixels on the screen are displayed correctly, and if the phone shows signs of breakage (cracked screen, etc.).

Does it still offer good autonomy? 

The autonomy of a phone may decrease over time. If your phone has an accessible battery, the situation is not too bad, but if it is not the case (with an iPhone, for example), it is important to check the autonomy of the device.

You probably will not be able to try the phone for a full day, but check the battery status in the phone settings, you will at least know how long it is unplugged.

Also note the percentage of battery usage at the beginning of your tests and at the end. If it dropped by 10% in a few minutes, it’s a bad sign.

What network does it operate on? 

Unlocking a phone is not always easy, and this can affect your warranty (which is obviously not always a concern with a used device, especially if it is more than a year old). Unless you buy an unlocked phone, make sure that it is on the network that suits you (the one you are already on, or the one that offers the packages that interest you).

If you opt for the option to unlock the device, keep in mind that it is much easier and affordable for a neophyte to unlock an Android device than an iPhone.

Also make sure your phone will be compatible with the network you want. This can be particularly problematic with an old phone from Bell or Telus (which used the old CDMA network), or if you want to go to Videotron (since the AWS band used by Videotron is rarely offered by the phones of other operators).

Is it a good buy? 

Buying the right new smart phone is already complex, the thing is even worse when it comes to a used phone.

If you plan to use third-party applications, opt for a device that was high-end up to 2 years ago. The iPhone 3GS, for example, is beginning to show wrinkles, while an iPhone 4 is still very suitable.

If you only want to take your calls and emails, you can afford a larger selection of devices, especially if the price is worth it. 


obviously, this list is not exhaustive. When you buy an iPhone, for example it is possible to check the contact indicator with a liquid (to see if your future device has been in contact with water), and other functions of the phone can be tested, like the camera.

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