A Complete Guide On How To Browse Anonymously Using A MAC

State institutions and governments take measures to restrict web content. This shows the power of the web when it comes to the distribution of information, uncovering details that are hidden to the general public and shaping alternative narratives. In most of the developed countries, internet looks more of like an intranet with several blocked social media websites such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Medium.

Engineers hired by the government work around the clock to make sure citizens only get access to the content that is deemed suitable by the state. This is why people in these countries had to find ways in which they are maintaining their identity discreet in public. There are several ways to do so.

Fictitious alias

The first and foremost way to hide your identity is to assume a false identity. You can choose any blogging name of your choice. There are many mailing websites that allow you to use any username to register for a free of cost email address. This email id that hides your identity can be used for blogging activities.

One more way to disguise your identity is by the use of a burner email account. Such accounts are self-destructive in nature that destructs itself after a specified period of time. Another advantage of this account is that it does not need any of the personal details of a person.

Encrypting digital presence

The caution towards maintaining an alternative individuality is that your location can be tracked with the help of the IP address that you use to access the internet. If you are making use of your work or home Mac to write blogs, then all your weblog is maintained by your broadband service provider.

VPN is one of the easiest ways to mask your true location on the web. It encrypts all your web traffic to and from the device. This makes it impossible for attackers or the authorities to find out your exact location in the world. The use of VPN is completely legal. This implies that you won’t be breaking any laws when it comes to using this service.

Best VPN service for Mac is easy to use and are ranked high in terms of promoting privacy to a person. Its encryption standards and “no logs” policy makes it one of the best ways to make your identity anonymous.

Use the Tor browser

If you do not wish to install a VPN, then there is one more safe option available to you and that is use of a safe, and secure browser like “Tor”. It is an anonymous browser that was originally made by the US Navy and got launched in 2004. A Tor browser facilitated anonymous communication in places where liberty of speech was strictly restricted.


Those developed nations such as China, and the US who have been regarded as a supporter of free speech, democracy, is in the middle of killing neutrality and opening private data for broadband providers to cash the opportunity. Having started as a project to make the entire world connected, the use of Internet is restricted for worldwide accessibility for people all across the world. These steps will definitely give you some relief and a freedom of speech and expression.

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