Big Data Analytics Using Python As A Tool To Stay Ahead Of The Rest

KnowledgeHut introduces a course that is unique and extremely valuable, the data science with python course. This course uses the open source technique, Python to analyze and present data through visualizations. It also incorporates data analytic principles in machine learning. Considering each of these two skills, data analytics and using python as an open source network are individually some of the most sought-after skills in the current market, the combination of these two add a layer of value to anyone’s resume. The course covers the core principles of data analytics, gives you the ability to accumulate large amounts of data and effectively analyze this data. Additionally, the data science course using python imparts the core principles of using python, an open source code to create algorithms which incorporate visualization of data and data analysis to machine learning. This skill is valuable in almost every industry throughout the market. Which is why this immersive data science with python training program that is taught over 40-hours in a curriculum that is instructor-led and can be in a traditional classroom or can be learned online covers key principles of python as a data science tool.

What the Course is About

KnowledgeHut’s data science with python course is for everyone, regardless of how much experience they have in either data science or in coding using python. This course incorporates elements of an open source tool like tens or flow with principles in machine learning like linear regression. The course has no pre-requisite but a firm understanding of data analytics or python as a machine learning tool helps. The course will give you the ability to perform data presentation through visualization.

This course by KnowledgeHut is created in a unique manner which is easy to understand and provides comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of all principles involved while also helping you navigate through potential hurdles with practical experience. The course curriculum was created by leading industry experts.

Key principles like NumPy using python is covered in the duration of the course as are other tools such as Pandas, their use in problem-solving and their use to analyze excel sheets, the use of seaborn, plotly and matplotlib as visualization tools within python. Other topics covered include how to connect Python to SQL, how to support vendor machines, K means clustering and K nearest Neighbors, Random forests, Neural Nets and Deep learning and finally understanding Decision Trees.

Key Takeaways

KnowledgeHut’s data science with python is a 40-hour course that incorporates data analytics, machine learning and data presentation abilities to create a unique skill set that is valued highly across industries and is aimed at professionals are aiming to enter the data science industry as well as those who are veterans in the industry looking for a leg up.

Why KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is the main platform for data science education, they have created cutting-edge curriculums using the help of industry-leading experts to provide in-depth data science knowledge in limited time, this is perfect for the professional on the move in the current market.


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