Four Core Areas Where the Church Needs Money Most


The church is an essential entity in the society today, one that plays a critical role in the spiritual development of the society. The church plays even a bigger role in areas where it has been integrated fully in national leadership issues and where freedom of worship thrives. Principally composed of the congregation of persons from different areas within the society, the formation and membership of the church depend upon fellowship of different persons. As an entity of its own, the church has numerous financial needs. Being a non-profit organization, it heavily relies upon the congregants to give tithes and offerings, either in cash or through e-platforms such as, to meet its financial needs and obligations. Few congregants understand the various financial needs that an average church in the world today has.

Utility Bills

One of the main financial needs that every church is faced with is the payment of the various bills that facilitate its smooth running. Most churches incur bills ranging from the rental of premises to the various utility bills such as water and electricity. Depending on the type of church, some churches may even have utility bills involving rental of items used in the church such as chairs and other electronic equipment. Being highly necessary, such bills should be catered for to allow the church to run smoothly.

Paying of Workers

Another financial need that churches normally have involves payment of various persons within the church’s payroll system. Whereas some church members may volunteer to do of some basic manual jobs such as cleaning the premises, some churches have the persons volunteering offered a token. Others may even hire dedicated workers to perform such duties. Depending on the management structure of the church, the pastor and all those in leadership may also be included within the payroll and would thus be required to be paid at the end of the month.

Philanthropy Programs

Churches also have financial needs where they are required to participate in social development programs and philanthropy. The philanthropic requirement of the church is a custom deeply entrenched within Christianity and can thus not be neglected. The church may, from time to time, visit children homes and offer items such as food and clothing as well as money to the needy. It is also required of the church in the bible to take care of widows and the elderly who are incapable of sorting their financial needs. The church, therefore, must incur some expenditure when meeting this obligation.

Miscellaneous Expenditures

Most churches do not run independent entrepreneurial programs which can generate some income. Programs such as farming could be of help in meeting some of the financial needs. However, in instances where such a program does exist, funding for the same is normally regarded as a financial obligation which the members have to stand up to. Other common avenues of expenditure include repairs that need to be done from time to time as well as fulfillment of some expansion programs such as the construction of office premises or Sunday school classes.

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