Magento eCommerce Manchester Platform – Benefits

Magento has made the ecommerce easier for the user in terms of multiple online shops and lots of other functionalities. This thrilling and well-known platform of e commerce brings numerous opportunities, provides convenience to buyers and sellers over the internet. You can simply deal with the product and services online.

Magento eCommerce Manchester Theme Design Service

The Magento theme design service makes way for website owners and organizations to play around with dissimilar themes, web designs, colors, and so on. The use of this facility is to offer customers with a number of options, which allow them to administer and supervise their online shopping centers.

Magento eCommerce Manchester website design is a niche field in the world, given its fame and choice with a variety of website designers in the world. Moreover, Magento growth is now a recommended choice for many web growth and e-commerce companies. In India it’s becoming most popular. India has now become one of the preferred outsourcing locations for Magento website design.

With the help of Magento, online store owners are provided total flexibility over different components of their ecommerce websites. Magento development provides a great deal of benefits and has become the backbone of much ecommerce business enterprise operating online today.

An Overview of Magento Commerce

These are some of the features you will find in Magento eCommerce Manchester:

* Marketing Promotions and Tools

* Analytics and Reporting

* Search Engine Optimization

* Site Management

* Catalog Management

* Catalog Browsing

* Product Browsing

* Mobile Commerce

* International Support

* Checkout

* Shipping

* Payment

* Customer Service

* Customer Accounts

* Order Management

The various features offered by Magento are: –

  • order editing
  • Multi currency support
  • Comparison of products
  • Guest checkout
  • Free shipping option
  • Order tracking and management
  • Easy search options
  • Manifold images per product

The Best Magento eCommerce Plugins

They are developed to give the edge that the Magento eCommerce Manchester platform requires, besides spicing up your experience in online shopping. These are the plugins.

Fooman Google Analytics Plus

This is the plugin for online merchants who are fascinated about knowing user behavior. Besides getting information on user behavior, this plugin can also help boost your sales volume by making some tweaks here and some tweaks there. You can even track AdWords for purchase conversion.

Canonical URLs for Magento

This plugin insures that your website doesn’t get into the problem of duplicate content. With Magento, canonical URL is easy to set up- you just need to install this small plugin and you’re done. This is offered for free, nothing to pay. The plugin frees you from the task of setting canonical tags every time you add products in your Magento eCommerce website.

AutoCrosSell Product

As the name suggests, product cross sell can now be automated. This plugin has become extremely popular that it is now considered a part of the Magento eCommerce Manchester project development.

Advance Sitemap

This is another plugin that has become a favorite so you wouldn’t want to miss. Many people use Magento to develop larage websies. With the advance sitemap plugin, you can generate sitemaps for submission to Google and the other various search engines.


There is no doubt that this is one of the best ecommerce solutions in the market at this time but with that it has some hurdles such as the hosting, development, customization and maintenance. Since the code is complex and there are around 30000 files to be uploaded on the server. It is imperative to have good and fast hosting servers, having developers of the capability to reduce as much file sizes as possible and keeping the database optimized.





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