What is PHP development?

PHP is a lettering language that is transliterated with a server and developers use it to develop Static websites, Dynamic websites, and applications. Originally, PHP was the acronym for Personal Home Pages but is now stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. You need a PHP installed PC to run the logics of PHP. While a client who wants to access the PHP letterings requires a website browser like Chrome and internet explorer only.

If you see a tag that ends with the word “.php” it would be a PHP script.

This article will explain the following chapters related to custom php application development.

  1. Introduction to Scripting Language
  2. Comparison of Scripting VS Programming Language
  3. What is the complete form of PHP?
  4. What is the Syntax of PHP?
  5. Why to prefer PHP?

Introduction to the scripting language

A script is a range of program logics that are transliterated at runtime.

  • As the name implies a scripting language is a language or set of instructions that translate scripts at runtime. Scripts are usually fixed into other software also. There are two types of scripts i.e. Server-side and client-side. A server interprets server-side scrip and a client interprets a client-side script.
  • We need scripts to improve the functionality of an application so that it helps us to do daily tasks more conveniently.
  • An example of a server-side script is PHP while JavaScript is an example of a client-side script. Both these languages i.e. PHP and JavaScript can be fixed into HTML.

Comparison of Scripting VS Programming Language

Programming language:

  • This language has a significant role in php app development.
  • You need to compile logic code before executing.
  • You don’t need to fix it with other languages.

Scripting language:

  • Easy to use for daily tasks.
  • You don’t need to compile code before executing.
  • It is usually fixed into other software environments.

What is the complete form of PHP?

PHP originally meant – Personal Home Page, but it now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

You can fix PHP code into HTML code, or combine it with several web platform services.

What is the Syntax of PHP?

You may see a PHP file tag with HTML and JavaScript (or other client-side languages).

  • The additional advantage of HTML:PHP Language is a very user-friendly one and anybody can learn it without knowing HTML. But, the basics of HTML are encouraged to be learned before going towards PHP.
  • DBMS which stands for Data Base Management Systems for database-powered applications.

Why prefer PHP?

There are several reasons to use PHP over other languages at custom php app development, some of the persuasive reasons are:

  • PHP can be used without purchasing a license.
  • Can be learned easily as compared to other languages such as JSP, ASP, etc.
  • It is most compatible with most web hosting servers unlike languages like ASP that need IIS to run.
  • PHP is no doubt a cost-effective choice.
  • Version of PHP is updated after short intervals at PHP development firm that keep it equipped with the latest technology trends.

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