Helpful Hints to Avoid Overloading of Washing Machines

One of the most useful appliance used daily at home is the washing machine. The load of your laundry gets cleaned perfectly within a short period without much effort. In the market there are multiple models of this wonderful cloth washing device, all having unique added features.

While using a washing machine you need to avoid doing certain things. One such precaution to take is to avoid overloading of the washing machine. Due to varied reasons users of the machine often load more clothes in the washing machine drum.

Why you should not overload your washing machine:

  • When you overload your washing machine, there is extra pressure exerted on the drum of the appliance which will put strain on the inner parts of the machine.
  • It affects the working efficiency of the machine resulting in unsatisfied cleanliness of the clothes.
  • The detergent and water won’t spread evenly in the drum and some clothes will be cleaned and others remain unwashed.
  • Eventually electric consumption will increase leading to huge bills.
  • Sometimes the clothes are torn as they get jammed between door seal and the drum clips.
  • Sometimes continuous overloading may result in premature failure of the machine working system.

Thus, avoiding overloading the machine is quite essential for the washing machine to work smoothly consuming less energy.

Hints to avoid overloading of the machine:

  • Firstly, while purchasing, you must consider the capacity the drum can hold. It will be useful to buy in accordance to your laundry load.
  • While loading the drum of the machine know the quantity it will hold without any strain. The best trick applicable to know it is by keeping your hand in the drum and calculating how much space is left. If your hands can’t go in the drum freely, then it is overloaded.
  • Before you start using the machine read the manual twice. Note the right ways to use the machine without pressurizing the working of the machine with extra quantity of clothes.
  • It will be helpful to compare the weight of the bagged laundry and that of the capacity of the washing machine.
  • Sometimes the drum seems to be overloaded when clothes are thrown inside wholly. You need to remove each cloth separately, spread evenly and then put in the drum of the machine.
  • Have a mesh bag that has the same capacity as that of the drum. Once it is full, do the laundry work using your washing machine. Even under loading the machine may cause issues.

Heavy clothes like bed sheet and curtains need to be washed separately as they weigh more than usual clothes. If you are a novice user of Samsung washing machine models, it is best to attend the free demonstration provided by the company’s marketing dealers.

You can even gain more information about the working system of each of the popular washing machine models from websites like CompareRaja where you also get to read the testimonials of its users and video tutorials posted by the appliance manufactures.




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