VPS Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

Many businesses are growing and embracing the digital medium to win over clients. Youth is moving towards entrepreneurship and considering it as a career option. But to succeed in a digital world like today, you need to have global visibility. You should have a reputation that can gain attention in a short span of time. In such instances, going online makes the most sense.

When a website comes into the picture, there is a huge set of other essentials that follow, like hosting, server speed, page load speed, uptime, downtime, etc. Without a good hosting provider, your online business, including the load speed, uptime and performance, might take a hit. Content is king and accessing your website is the first step in scoring a client.

In this post, we will compare the two major hosting options, the VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting. If you are confused between Reseller and VPS Hosting, keep reading to figure out the right one for you.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is for someone who wants to start a business in the hosting industry. A reseller business owner purchases the disk space and bandwidth from an established web hosting company and then rents portions of it to different users or customers.

Thus, it allows different users to host their website and resellers to act as a service provider. If you are someone who runs multiple websites, then Reseller Hosting can be an economical way to host all websites on the internet to generate revenue.


  1. No thorough technical knowledge needed
  2. Easy to set up and manage
  3. Provides customisable control panel and several themes
  4. Upgrading a reseller plan is easy, and you can also choose the OS of your choice

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is one of the best alternatives to Dedicated and Shared Hosting. In fact, it is an intersection between Shared and Dedicated Hosting plans. Virtual Private Servers or VPS provides great uptime and offers superior performance. The disk space, CPU, RAM, and OS, are not shared with other users, unlike other hosting options. VPS comes with two OS, Linux VPS and Windows VPS. You also get full root access and control panel for administering and managing your website.


  1. One server is distributed among many users, and it is compartmentalised to provide dedicated resources to various users on the same server.
  2. Easily upgradable and scalable. It is also cost-effective.
  3. It is perfect for someone who wants to manage their website and install apps and software of their choice.
  4. Full root access allows the users to modify name servers and install the software.

VPS vs Reseller hosting

Be it Reseller Hosting or VPS Hosting, choosing the hosting provider correctly depends upon your business and your business requirements. Reseller Hosting is apt for people who want to venture into web hosting domain by reselling the hosting plans.

On the other hand, VPS Hosting – Windows or Linux VPS Hosting, is for you if –

  • You are developing your website and are looking for a hosting plan
  • If you are an owner of an established website and scalability is an issue with your current plan

In short, if you are in a business that provides hosting services to various users, you go for Reseller Hosting. If you want to build a website and looking for scalable hosting options, you should choose a VPS Hosting.

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