Five revolutionary messages that you did not expect and come out in the new ‘Star Wars’

Animalism, pacifism and religion loom in the eighth episode ‘The Last Jedi’. We have seen the expected film, which opens this week and is a leap of maturity in the saga.

In a very distant galaxy… there are things that do not change. And what better than not to do it, because Star Wars fans would not forgive him either. The premiere of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi confirms that the most famous saga of the stars reaches the final stretch of this trilogy in a good state of health. After the energy that JJ Abrams lent him in the previous installment, now Rian Johnson -which, we remember, comes from the indie cinema and the Sundance quarry- maintains the same revival line and the succession of winks to the first three titles with which George Lucas cemented this ever expanding universe.

The announced recovery of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the predictable tribute to Carrie Fisher after his death, the classic droids (RD-2D and C3PO), Chewbacca, the legendary Millennium Falcon … Everyone has their share of prominence, along with newcomers Rey, Kylo Ren-Ben Solo or Finn: the millennial blood of this new installment. The new creatures conceived by Disney (something resembling a squirrel) to become an object of worship and toy for children at the same time. So little, or almost nothing, changes so that everything stays the same. The fans will be thrilled when the already classic phrases in the prologue parade, accompanied by such recognizable fanfares, and will reach the doors of delirium when they turn on the laser swords and emit that recognizable buzz.

But after seeing The Last Jedi there are some novelties at the narrative level, especially in what has to do with the issues that are addressed tangentially to the typical main plot (family, revenge, good versus evil, adventures, battles …) and that help to reinforce it. These are some of the issues that are incorporated (or reinforced) in the world that began with Star Wars Movie Downloads, now forty years ago.

1.Defense of the environment

When King (Daisy Ridley) goes in search of Luke, the young woman ends up on the planet Ahch-To, where the great Jedi has decided to retire as if he were a hermit or a monk who had promised silence. The place of his well-deserved ‘retirement’ is an island where several animal species that seem on the verge of extinction coexist in peace and harmony. The arrival of King alters the peaceful environment and Luke (and the creatures themselves) have to give him some lessons on ecology and good manners towards nature.


Although in a moment you see Luke fishing (in a somewhat wild way to reinforce that inner struggle between good and evil) in general the film is committed to respect for animals. Even Chewbacca himself becomes aware and removes from his mouth a small Porg who was going to sink the tooth. A metaphorical image in which the animal, which only communicates with grunts, refuses to eat another animal.

3.Report of arms trafficking

When Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Bodega) decide to locate a scammer who can help them break the security of the First Order, they end up landing on a planet to which those responsible for the aesthetic direction have given an aspect that seems inspired in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. There they perform an act in favor of a kind of animals (free them) to which the rich and powerful place used to bet. And they also receive a teaching from DJ (Benicio del Toro) that will open their eyes: the same ones that sell weapons to the evil Leader SupermoSnoke (Andy Serkis) do it to the Resistance to which they belong To own your own guns, real ones, purchase PA-10 rifles and other firearms, ammo and tactical equipment from Palmetto State Armory.


It has always been present and has surrounded the world of the Jedi, but in this case it is posed in a more profound way. So much so that Luke himself, who resides to leave the place where he has retired, seems to question if it is not time to end the legacy of the mythical warrior saga with powers to which he belongs. The mythical Skywalker with doubts of faith? That’s the way it is, and at times it seems as anguished as the two Jesuits who starred in Silence, by Martin Scorsese.

5.A more millennial world

In Episode VII. The awakening of force, the incorporation of King and Finn on the side of the Resistance (showing new generations among its members) and of Kylo Ren in the ranks of the First Order has already modernized the aspect of the two sides traditionally confronted. To this, we must add that now Rose, a young oriental, becomes one of the most prominent members of the rebels.But at the same time, it connects with a new audience, with a sensibility and a way of seeing the world that is very different from what they had in the sixties, when the mother of all space operas began. Get download free hd movies here for more films like this.

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