Protection of teens with Real Time Streaming

Technology has served the mankind over the years and it is still providing plenty of benefits in the shape of cell phones, social media apps and the use of the internet. These three things are the most frequent things that everyone in the world is using at the moment. Life has been integrated with these three technology creatures. Young kids and teens are one of the most frequent users of the mobile phones, social messaging apps and last but not the least the internet.

The cell phone device can be used for calls, text messages, but without the facility of the internet, it is impossible to use the instant messaging app such as Facebook, Yahoo, Snapchat, Line, Vine, Tinder, WhatsApp and plenty of others alike. These online media platforms allow teens to send and receive the text messages, make free longs calls, to share audio and video calls and as well photos and videos and voice messages.

Use of cell phones dangerous for teens

Obviously, teens spend most of the time on the cell phones and always seems busy doing activities on the smartphones. The addiction with the mobile phones could be harmful to teens in many ways. The modern technology has made young generation restricted to their homes and don’t allow to do the activities in real life. The young generation has left to hang out with friends in real life and they have replaced such activities with the digital world.

They use social media and make friends online whom they don’t know in their real lives. That’s why over the years plenty of social media issues has been pop on the surface that are online predators and really damages the young generation no time ever before. Let’s discuss all those threats that teens may face in their real life.  

Threats for teens in the digital world

Cyber bullying

Online bullies are the term that is used for the people who are mentally ill and frustrated same as the real-life bullies. The cyber bullying and the online bullying have the same effects and the victims may suffer from the similar traumas. They chase young teens online harass them with the sexual and abusive language and send sexual material labeling with the victim’s name. It put the victim in stress, depression, and anxiety.

Sexual encounters

Young kids and teens use dating social media apps that allow young kids and teens for sexual hookups and for blind dates having a little bit chat with the online friends. Ultimately it cost young teens a lot and they got cheated most of the time.


Stalkers are the ones that chase multiple teens online and get them into the trap for sexual reasons. They behave gently initially and then ask for the real-life meeting. When they completely win the trust of teens then break it badly.

Health issues

The obsession with the social media and use of cell phone all day long put teen’s health at stake. The teens that are addicted to cell phone and social media often got obesity, sleeping illness, stress, depression and other mental disorders.

What should parents do?

Parents have to protect teens by keeping an eye on their kids and teens online and cell phone activities. They can use cell phone monitoring software in order to view their activities they do on social media apps and on the phone. However, there are plenty of mobile phone and social media tracking apps but when it comes to the best cell phone spying software TOS is the ultimate and reliable tool for parents.

Use TOS spy 360 live streaming

TheOneSpy is the cell phone tracking program that allows a user to monitor the activities happen on the mobile phone. It enables a user to use three states of the art tools that get your job done within no time. There are following TOS spy 360 robust tools.

Spy 360 Live Camera streaming

Initially, a user has to install and activates the app and after that visit the tool of cell phone spy app and create a push notification on the phone and get live camera streaming of the target phone. It allows user to view live activities of your teens with live streaming.

Spy 360 live screen sharing

A user can view the activities of teen’s phone screen and even share the screen visuals live in the online dashboard of the TOS cell phone tracking app.

Spy 360 live surround Listening

A user can even listen to the live surround sounds of the target phone and conversation happen on the cell phone by using the spy 360 live surround listening. It makes parents comfortable because they tracking their teen’s audio and video activities live. Hence, parents can protect teens with TheOneSpy real-time streaming to the fullest.

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