The Dissimilarity between a Modem and a WIFI Router

In this century, people are now addicted to using more WIFI devices because they want to keep their selves connected to their surroundings. For that purpose, people approach either to modem or router. The demand for Wi-Fi has typically grown, which allows LANs to manage without wires and cables, creating a distinctive opinion for business and home networks. It not only provides benefit for broadband internet but also for many other modern devices that is laptops, electronic gaming, and smartphones. Let’s look into these thoroughly.


A hardware product which converts information into a suitable format for the transmission medium in order to convey from computer to computer. The perfect on-ramp towards the WWW (World Wide Web) is known as a modem. In the era of 1990s as soon as the internet started developing into a mainstream clan product, modems played a vital role for laptops as for USB adapters and desktops. Broadband, which is cable based generates faster speed than 56kbps apparently reestablished the outer modem at the starting of this period, hence here we stand today.

How does it function?

There usually is LED lights situated in front of the modems, so we can clearly identify what is happening. Single light specifies at the device is obtaining power, one alerts that its collecting data from the internet service supplier while the other signifies the data being successfully sent by the modem. In case, your send/receive lights are flickering; then the internet service supplier is having possible problems arising due to lost connection.

WIFI Router:-

WIFI is a networking technology that uses radio waves to allow high-speed data transfer over short distances. To prevent obstruction, each band is allocated on different lanes that keep the data on distinct routes. Often specific devices want more band range than the others; the efficiency of your routers completely relies on the figure of bands- that is single, binary, or tri-band.

The usage of your router helps you to decide which router suits you the best; If you have multiple Wi-Fi users at your home, who tend to stream movies online more often or a gamer who is frequently indulged into using the internet. A tri-band device is good to go. On the other hand, a dual-band device is helpful for those users who intend on using emails or uses browsers.

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