Is Cell Phone Radiation Bad for Your Health?

How long have you gone without your cell phone? A couple of hours, minutes? If you are your cell phone share an inseparable bound then this is for you. Did you know that your cell phone may be killing you? Cancer, tumors, radiation poisoning? All of these could be attributed to your cell phone use. But before you toss your cell phone out the window, you should know that scientist still do not know if cell phone radiation is bad and or to what effect it might be bad to your health. What we do know is that the cell phone emits radio waves (non-ionizing radiation) and that our tissue absorbs this energy. This can’t be a good thing, could it? With more and more people using smartphones, those non-ionizing waves are everywhere. Even if you limit your smartphone use, the radiation is still out there acting as a potential risk to your health. According to an article put out by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), it attempted to explain cell phone radiation and exposure. How much radiation you are exposed to from your cell phone all depends on how much you use your smartphone. It also depends on how old you were when you started using it as well as the length of time you spend on it each day making calls. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the evidence is lacking on whether or not cell phone radiation actually causes severe radiation exposure. Scientist are not certain exactly how much radiofrequency radiation (RF) from your smartphone is emitted and how much of this could lead to cancer or other damaging health effects. Because of the uncertainty, they have labeled it as a possible cause for cancer. Due to the lack of evidence and research, science does not have enough information to determine whether or not people should stop using smartphone technology. Because of all the uncertainties with cell phone radiation you should take measures in your own hands in order to attempt to limit your exposure. Some of the things that you should do to help to protect yourself against radio frequency radiation include: using speaker phone more, getting a hands-free headset, and being extra carful if you have a pacemaker.

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