Looking to Switch from iOS Beta To Official Release? Here is How To Do It

Installing a beta version of the newest iOS can be tempting to many to have the very first sneak peek at the upcoming features. And, it goes absolutely true when a brand new software is released. But many times, the pre-release version of upcoming iOS may appear unstable and take a toll on the performance of your newly purchased iPhone or iPad. In such a case, opting for iOS beta to a public release is the best solution to get your device back to a stable state.

It may sound quite confusing for a number of users to switch from beta to official release of iOS. If the problem seems quite similar to you, keep reading the post to know everything about updating your device. There are a few methods that users can opt for while switching their operating systems to an official release. From this compilation, the methods that seem the best can be used to switch an iOS beta to an official release.

Here Come the Details

Option 1: Downgrading to the latest public release of iOS

The most convenient method is to downgrade the operating system to a public version of iOS released previously. For example- if you have the new iOS 11 beta and wish to downgrade it, you can easily opt for the same with an iOS version released previously, which in this case would be iOS 10.3.2. Downgrading your latest version to a previous one has disadvantages of its own. It is possible that you may lose all the data you have on your phone including custom setting, email accounts, downloaded apps & more. The reason that your phone may not have all the previous data is because your device is not backward compatible with the previous version of the operating system.

Downgrading from iOS Beta to latest official version: the steps

  • The very first requirement is to backup your data. It is suggested to store them on iCloud library or any other local storage. Keeping the backup is important as you may lose the data.
  • Now, it is time to download the latest public version of iOS to your device. Public release of iOS is easily available to download from the official website. Depending upon your requirement look for the latest release
  • Now, launch the setting app on your iPhone or iPad and tap general and then on the profile
  • Now you will find iOS beta software, which you need to tap followed by tapping on the remove profile.
  • It is now time to enter the passcode if prompted, and tap delete once more.
  • Now shut off your iPhone/iPad. For the same, hold down the on/off button and use the slide to power off slider
  • You can then restart your iPhone with on/off button until the Apple logo appears on the phone as soon as you restart it

Option 2: Update to official release

This option is a lot easier but it needs a lot of time. The option works to help you update from a beta version to the public release of that software. With this option you can upgrade the device. For example switching iOS 11 beta to the iOS 11 public release. Unlike option 1 wherein you were downgrading to a previous public version, this option will help you to switch from beta version of software to public version of the software.

Here is the step-by-step guide to opt for the same

  • For setting the things go to Settings > General > Profile. Tap on the iOS Beta Software Profile
  • Now tap “delete profile” enter the passcode to confirm. With this command, your device will reboot
  • Your device is still in the beta software but the device has been rebooted meaning you will no more receive beta updates
  • For downloading the public iOS release, go to Settings > General > Software Update. In case of any software update available on your device, it will show up the same

The Upshot

These are two specific methods that you can opt for when switching from an iOS version to another. Thus, in case you are running a beta software and wishing to go back, you can opt for option 1. And, if you are running the latest beta and wishing to go out of the beta then update the device using method 2 is the most appropriate.

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