3 SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Search engine optimization is not a trivial task, especially for those who are not well-versed in the ever-shifting world of Google analytical algorithms. However, to carve out a niche space online, SEO techniques are simply a necessity in every content creator’s toolbox. Also, learning to wield powerful SEO tools is simpler than you think and will make you look like a pro in no time.

Leveraging domain authority

Learning to leverage SEO techniques requires a wide library of new terminology and conceptual thinking about the internet itself, and a great place to start is with Moz domain authority tools. Moz is the creator of this metric — basically a ranking of how correlative your content is with the general theme of its message up against similarly scoped work already out there. Domain authority is the perfect place to start when trying to beef up your content’s competitive edge in search engine results. Starting here is also a natural entry into the mindset of an optimizer. By spending time with your words, you will not only become a better writer who can create more vivid and interesting content, you will also develop an eye for the stylistic flair and keyword inclusions that pop with Google search crawlers.

Use keyword explorers to bulk up your targeted content

After building up your site’s domain authority, keeping this momentum going is important. Using a keyword explorer will help you target high-value keywords that can lead your writing down a more profitable path. This is particularly useful for targeting your content for specific searches. For instance, mountains of food blogs are out there, each giving their uniquely special recipe for a crispy, baked chicken. But what is it that most searchers are looking for specifically when they seek out a recipe like this? Are they looking for oven temperature specifics, seasoning guidelines, or cook and prep time estimates? By engaging in keyword research, you can develop a better understanding of what your target audience is looking for above all else and then target your content to better serve their needs.

Keyword research is also a great way to develop a series of posts centered around a specific theme, yet varied in execution to produce a broad net to capture new viewers.

Inserting rich snippets in page content to create featured search elements

Employing SEO software to build rich text on your page evades the advanced nature of coding rich text yourself while bringing these expert capabilities to your page nonetheless. These short bursts of code appear in the code lines of your page’s structural content, and they provide a roadmap for Google or other search engines to build out short featured content on the resulting SERP that comes back after each new user query. These feature snippets can dramatically increase your page’s traffic; and, as a result, your revenue. These small extra elements are critical to gaining the edge over your competition, yet so few content creators think to include them in their publishing because of a lack of coding knowledge.

The SEO world is changing rapidly. While Google’s crawling and ranking metrics are becoming more and more shielded, the ability to implement professional search engine optimization is becoming easier. There has never been a better time to try your hand at optimizing your page than now with all of the free SEO tools out there for you to test out. You can’t afford to pass over the advantage that improving your visibility will bring you.

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