What SaaS Companies Can Do to Increase Their Search Engine Rankings

Growth is necessary for the success of any business. However, SaaS companies need to prioritize growth even more than other businesses – especially in the early stages. A SaaS business needs a steady stream of new users in order to sustain its growth and hire developers to build and maintain the SaaS offering, as well as design and create new features. Most SaaS companies use a service-based subscription model, which allows users to buy temporary access to the software based on monthly or annual pricing models. As such, these companies need to keep increasing their user base in order to fund the continued development of the software.

While most companies can use trendier marketing channels, such as social media, to promote their products and services, SaaS offerings tend to be B2B. This means that beyond targeted LinkedIn outreach, it is much better to use a more tried-and-true channel to get new users. This tired-and-true channel is search engines, which may not seem as fashionable as social media but can also bring in a huge amount of new users who can discover your SaaS offerings if you target the right keywords. Search provides is much more equitable solutions for SaaS companies, because people are not just searching for software but they are also searching for solutions that your software could provide and pain points that your software can solve. As such, using a SaaS SEO strategy to help discover these keywords and optimize your website toward them can bring in a huge number of qualified leads.

Find the best keywords

Optimizing your SaaS website is great – but it cannot be done if you don’t have the best keywords in order. To find the best keywords for your SaaS offering, you will have to perform keyword research. Doing this will allow you to find the best terms that have the best value, i.e. the best amount of search volume per month and the easiest terms to rank for. Finding these value-based keywords that also work well with your SaaS produce is a challenge, and these terms may be related to the software itself or be related to problems people may have having and solutions you can provide. Overall, the best keywords for your SaaS company will be a combination of these, and you’ll need the proper tools and a strong knowledge of SEO in order to look around and find out the best options for your SaaS website based on keyword metrics, searcher intent, and other factors.

Running a SaaS business is not the easiest, but SaaS business owners are fortunate that they have SEO as a marketing channel they can rely on. While they may have to invest time and resources into their SEO efforts to get results, this will end up costing a lot less than other forms of digital marketing such as PPC and social media marketing. This is because with SEO, you get to own the space, while with PPC and social media, you are just renting it from Google, Facebook, and other tech giants. While SEO is not an overnight effort, it can bring you excellent results that will allow you to quickly outpace your competitors in relevant search engine result pages for target keywords. Doing so will give you an edge over your SaaS competitors and allow you to take market share form them without having to continually rent access to it.

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