Benefits Of A Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

Living in a world where almost everything can be found in the digital space, there has been an increased demand for digital media. As a result, many companies have seen the need to increase their digital content to stay ahead of the competition. However, the problem comes in on managing the digital content; and lack of a proper system may cause a lot of chaos and disorganization. The answer to all that is hiring companies such as Encode to help you manage your digital content using the DAM systems. That said, let us look at some of the benefits of digital asset management software;

  1. Better organization

Without a proper system in place, it might be hard finding all the photos, logos, or videos that you may need at a particular time. So much so, you may end up with a lot of duplicate digital media, which fills up a lot of space. A digital asset management system, on the other hand, helps you organize your digital content easily. The system ensures that all the digital assets are stored in the correct versions and that all the duplicate files are deleted. This, in turn, makes it easy to retrieve any file hence saving you a lot of time.

  1. Advanced search

A digital asset management software enables you to search for files easily and quickly. The search function is specialized and is divided into categories and subcategories. You can also use keywords and other filters to find any asset that you may require at any time.

  1. Controlled access

Have you ever created a file for your marketing campaign only for you to go find it and realize that someone changed everything? If yes, then you know how much it cost you a lot of time to redo the whole thing, especially if you do not know who made the changes. With the DAM system, however, there is controlled access to the files. It allows some people to read-only, and only the administrators can make changes. In case of any changes, you can easily know who made them.

  1. Better security

Data is the backbone of any organization. Loss of the data or a breach may cause the organization to go down the drain, hence the need for having secure systems. A digital asset management software ensures that your data is secure and not available to third parties. Only members and administrators can access the data.

  1. Data backup

Sometimes, you may make the wrong changes or even want the older version of a file. A DAM system helps you retrieve any of the files in different versions. This is so because it keeps a history of how the data is changed and stores the older versions. As such, it eliminates the cost of lost or misplaced work.

Take Away

Having digital asset management software helps you streamline and manage your digital content. It, therefore, should be part of the digital strategy of any organization.


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