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The legalization of cannabis has made way for the use of marijuana for many recreational and medicinal users. It has also allowed many products that contain THC to be introduced in many states. For example, edibles and CBD oil have become very popular. However, cannabis is not legal in all 50 states. CBD oil is legal nationwide and used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Many states have adopted their own cannabis laws that includes recreational and medicinal use for individuals 21 years of age or older. In fact, most states allow legal possession for an ounce or under for actual marijuana and up to 6 plants for cultivation.

New Cannabis Laws In Effect

A Cannabis Freedom Program removes marijuana from a schedule II drug list that will allow states to create their own laws about cannabis without fear of federal interference. Cannabis was removed from the class of schedule II drugs about two months ago and was signed into federal law. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer announced the plans to reform previous legislation. Cannabis has officially been removed from the Controlled Substance Act. Many people in favor of marijuana see this new law as a victory for cannabis exploration, cultivation, and distribution.

How the Cannabis Act Will Help with Medicinal Use

Medicinal marijuana has been able to help thousands of people with many illnesses. The new legislation that was put into law will allow cultivation that will target specific illnesses with new strands. For instance, in 10 years there could be a cannabis strand that could exclusively target headaches. Medicinal cannabis is currently being used to treat anxiety, MS, insomnia, seizures, pain, nausea, and much more. Many physicians are prescribing marijuana to their patients with debilitating diseases like cancer.

How the Cannabis Act Helps Recreational Users

Recreational cannabis use has soared in many states. The threat of prosecution is no longer an issue. Recreational use has paved the way for dispensaries, smoke shops, new cannabis products, and delivery. More importantly, the new cannabis law has paved the way for thousands of new jobs. The new law has created a balance that will help with licensing. The new legislation has created taxation that will help fund schools, build highways, and help in the deficit of many municipalities. The age restriction on marijuana will remain the same, but the legal amount available for possession may change as the laws progress.

The Cannabis Act has been a discussion for many years and is currently in the hands of legislation. Many people have fought for the legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, being scheduled as a schedule II-controlled substance was stopping the progression of legalization. Today, the laws of medicinal and recreational use has been able to move forward. The laws will allow individuals to be able to legally use cannabis and enjoy many new products that are being introduced to the industry. Learn more about cannabis laws by doing research online for more details on recreational and medicinal use today.

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