Avail the Keysight Offer and Have Your Versatile Electrical Tool Multimeter

When it comes to the offers provided by the manufacturing companies’ then keysight technologies which are the worldwide manufacturer of the testing and measuring tools and devices, one can avail of exciting keysight offers and have keysight products with advanced technology.

Some of the offers provided by keysight technologies:

  • Get more bandwidth for the same price on a 4-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope; this is for the limited period. Purchase a mixed-signal oscilloscope today and supercharge your oscilloscope with more bandwidth for free
  • Purchase a selected Keysight Bench Test Instrument, and you can claim a complimentary U1233A Handheld Digital Multimeter with your purchase.
  • Get one GPTs memory per channel at no cost with the purchase of new UXR series Infinium oscilloscope; offer is for the limited period.

A multimeter is a versatile instrument that is mostly considered in electronic engineering. Multimeter, as the name, defines it is a multitasking device which with different ways, can be in various applications.

How multimeter can be used in different testing procedures:

  • Continuity test: The continuity test is done to determine whether the circuit is open or closed. Set the multimeter to the Ω setting; the analog multimeter will use the needle to indicate the measured value, whereas, on the other hand, the digital multimeter will show the value on the screen. The multimeter will indicate a reading of infinity, and the reading of infinity means the circuit is open.
  • Diode test: the diode setting on your multimeter is only able to tell you the rating of a diode. The use of ohmmeter can be done to test the diodes. Set your multimeter to the ohm range to check the diode leakage.
  • Capacitor test: we test a Capacitor for two reasons, whether it is open or in case any leakage or shorted. Without a capacitance test range on your multimeter, you can still make specific tests. For small caps, you can test for shorts and leakage. The capacitor, which measures a few ohms or less, is bad. The multimeter will not test the cap under normal operating conditions or at its full rated voltages.

The multimeter must become the part of the circuit instead of only bridging across it, to measure the current accurately. This job can also be done by inserting the meter into the circuit easier with some special test adaptors. It helps in measuring the current without unsoldering wires. Advanced Electrical tools and devices are nowadays considered as an essential part of electrical and computer engineering to explore and innovation of new designs.

There are many of the tools and devices needed in electrical engineering where the number can go more than hundreds. But one should go according to the need and requirements like basics, mid-range tools, and top-rated tools which are advanced and have the best features as compared to others and are used by the professionals. The students and hobbyists use basic tools.

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