Few Important Tools that Every Electrician Will Need

Every professional electrician will always carry a few tools and testers in order to check various electrical parameters in both residential and also commercial electrical wiring. Many DIY homeowners may find few of these tools quite useful too.

By learning to identify all these testers and by understanding their functions, their applications can expand your expertise too, while working on any electrical appliances.

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Following are a few tools that most electricians will usually have in order to perform their work.

  1. Multimeter

Multimeters are used for measuring many different electrical parameters e.g. AC/DC voltage, current and resistance etc. It can also be used as a continuity tester. Multimeters are available in both analogue and digital versions.

  1. Wire strippers

Wire strippers have different sized holes so that you can strip the insulation from any gauge of wires to ensure that you can work.

Few strippers also come with cutting teeth to trim the ends of wire.

  1. Voltage tester

Voltage testers are needed to identify the live wire in the electrical point or wire. This is needed for the safety of the electrical worker while working with sets of electrical wiring.

  1. Circuit finder

Often the wirings are not standardized and hence circuit finders can help the electrician to figure out the relevant circuit in the network.

  1. Screwdrivers for electricians

Electricians need a set of screwdrivers for different sizes and shapes of screws used in various electrical circuits and panels.

  1. Pliers

Pliers are often needed during electrical work in order to grip certain parts like bolts etc. Pliers are also used for twisting the wires of the electrical circuits.

  1. Fish tape

Fish tape is used for pulling and pushing stranded wire through conduit. It can always be retracted and also deployed depending on the need and it comes on reel.

  1. Tape measure

If you need to measure anything like length of wire or the measurement of the area required for wiring etc. a measuring tape can be quite useful.

  1. Hammer

Hammer is another useful tool needed especially if an electrician is working in a construction site. One can use claw hammers for removing nails or wood pieces.

  1. Torch

Often electricians need to work in a dark place too, particularly during power failure. Torch is a very useful handy tool needed for working safely in a dark environment.

  1. Knife

Knives are often needed by the electrician while working in any project or also for any repair of electrical systems.

  1. Digital clamp meter

This kind of digital clamp meters you can mostly find with any professional electricians. This tool also does most of the functions of multimeter and having a current sensor. It is usually meant for measuring current without touching the live points.

There is a clamp that will be tied around the wire to detect the current.

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