How to Sell a Domain Name

With the increased use of websites to boost business performance, a new profession has launched in the world: buying and selling domain names. People who sell domain names, also known as domainers, use their expansive domain knowledge to buy domain names at low prices and then turn around and sell them for profit. But anyone who’s sitting on an unused domain name can sell it. Maybe you bought a domain name for a business idea that you never went through with. Or perhaps you had to shut down your website due to unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of how it happened, if you have a domain name sitting around collecting dust, there’s a way to profit off it.

How to Sell a Domain Name

Selling domain names can be a bit of a tricky business. Most of the time, a domain sale is either hit or miss, and it’s possible that a domain will sit unsold for months or even years at a time. However, there are a few ways you can expedite the process.

Pricing Your Domain Name

Knowing what to sell your domain name for is the first step. Not all domains are created equal, and you need to know a reasonable price to put it up for if you want it to sell. Here’s what you need to consider when pricing your domain:

Length – When it comes to domain selling, the shorter the better. Shorter domains are in high demand as they help users more quickly and easily find the website they’re looking for. The longer your domain name is, the less you’ll be able to sell it.

Keyword Usage – Keywords are king in the domain name world. A domain name needs to have relatable and valuable keywords to help it sell. Keywords should relate in some way to a business or profession. For example, ‘’ isn’t going to sell for as much as ‘’ (Unless, of course, you know a person named John who is looking to buy.)

Extension – There are dozens of extensions available for domain names these days. However, .com continues to be the most sought-after. Domain names with a .com extension are almost always going to sell for more than any other extension, even other popular ones like .net or .biz.

Finding a Buyer

Once you have the right price for selling your domain name, it’s time to find a buyer. The best way to find someone to buy your domain is to ensure that you make it obvious it’s available. Creating a separate landing page per domain is a good way to find potential buyers. Make sure you include your contact information, the price you’re charging, and whether you’re willing to negotiate. Potential buyers will often look up a domain name to see if it’s free, and if they find it with your information, they can reach out to you for the sale. 

Selling a domain name is a great way to make a little extra money for something you’re not using anymore. However, it can be a risky business to get into. Make sure you properly price your domain and put in the effort to find a buyer if you want to successfully sell your domain.

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