Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

It is a dilemma for a user to make a decision between free & paid web hosting even being low-priced in the market. Most people have to choose a web hosting company based on price, technology, and recommendations. Most new future customers ignore those vital factors, leading them to choose the wrong hosting provider and therefore, feel the destructive impact on their website.

There are so many websites hosting providing companies on the net that permits the users to make their web site accessible through the internet. There are a lot of companies offering webspace on their servers with Internet connectivity. There are mainly two types of web hosting companies, which provide free or paid web hosting services.


In free web hosting, you are allowed to upload articles & content on the server space which will be provided by the hosting company free of cost. Such kind of hosting services are recommended for those who are just beginners in this area and have plans to gain experience with their field and services.

As the pros and cons go simultaneously. So, along with having advantages, there are a lot of disadvantages with web hosting companies that provide free services.


As per my perception using free web hosting services is not good for people who want to put their business on the Internet and want to remain in the market for the long term.

Free web hosting comes with some limits about your web site and its flexibility and functionality. Periodic fees per month or per year must be paid to a web hosting company that provides you with the server and amount of space and bandwidth. The prices for web hosting may vary from INR 85 to INR 161 per month as per your requirement if you choose the web hosting from Hosting Raja who is an established web hosting company in India, but each company has the different offer and hosting plans.

If you are a professional web site holder, paid web hosting services are recommended due to its high productivity and efficiency, and mostly when comes to security issues. Free web hosting has limitations for the amount of web space and bandwidth; therefore, you will need the least simple plan of cheap web hosting. Many will ask how free web hosting sites make their profits. From the ads and banners on your web pages.

The biggest advantage of using free web hosting services is they are free and it is a perfect choice for customers who are beginners in this area and just looking to start with something without paying. Free web hosting is ideal for users who want to upload a minimum content in a small amount of webspace. The best thing about free web hosting is that the companies provide integrated, easy tools to upload the pages on to the hosting account. They are doing this because know that the free web site hosting services are used mainly by newcomers.

The disadvantages of using free web hosting services are these hosting companies puts ads and banners on your web pages whether like it or not, you are forced to do it. Also, the profits made by those ads and banners go for the web hosting company, not to you even those ads displayed on your website.

One more thing which is not suitable for you is, the domain name of your website starts with the website hosting provider’s name followed by your web site name. Nor can the case when goes with paid web hosting. The amount of webspace, when using free web hosting services is strict another is the situation with paid web hosting companies where you can buy certainly needed web space according to your needs and requirements.

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