Using Tribology Equipment to Enhance Your Accident Prevention Plan of Action

The tribology approach was thought of by West German scientific researcher, Musschenbroek during the 18th century. The understanding is when two surfaces make contact; the instrument will measure the wear volume, friction force and coefficient of friction. For many years, the manufacturing community has supplied these tools around the world. Further, the computer sector has improved the testing tool by adding a vast amount of digital technology.

For 40 years or more, the footwear and flooring industries have commonly used the devices for analytical and test results before distribution. Even so, it’s not surprising how there’s been a rapid succession of experts who use the tribo-products to decide several lawsuits around slip and fall injuries. Nowadays, the slip and fall-topic have made the tribo-equipment a common field-testing tool for measuring walkways — it is specialized for that purpose.

As you might not know, slip and fall injuries are into tens of thousands around the globe. Thus, you want to protect your money, customers and your employees from these accidents. It will only take you a few seconds to test your floor’s safety. Nevertheless, you should try to increase the accident prevention for swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls. However, while you improve your floor safety, be sure to find a reliable non-slip solution that will work.

British Pendulum Tester

Many of this pendulum’s test results have proven successful across various surfaces. While you notice the steady accurate wet or dry floor test results, you will have confidence your customers will benefit by improving floor safety and surface cleaning. The big advantage of using this tool is its portability. The user-friendly design is easy to use by anyone and is safe enough for turning or running. Measuring slip resistance is important. Thus, this tribometer is designed to measure friction while recognizing contamination through a visual effect. More noticeably, if you’re walking finish has ice, any lubricants or water, the power of this system is to provide you with a slip-risk view of the floor or walk area.

The BOT-3000E Tester

This device has completed much improvement with accurate results of contaminated conditions on dry and wet floors. The tribology BOT has added features that not only allow a comprehensive print out of test results, it accurately measures the coefficient of friction. More than ever, the slip test measures have been reliable and useful in court cases. What’s more, you will stay on top of stopping slip accidents, saving money and time while taking control of the floor safety in your company.

English XI Tester

If you have this slip measurement machine, you’ve already fulfilled the minimum safety standard for testing work areas, walkways, and other floors in your kitchen and accommodation block. This style is marketed in America, and in the UK as an effective slip tested machine. What’s more, the advance that has gone into this instrument makes it be the ultimate tool for analyzing walk surfaces and quality cleaning on your hard floors.

Last, these highlighted tribo-machines are some of many that have been proven for their reliability and strength above 30 years. You also discover that many of these models are successfully used in various laboratories throughout the world. So, if you have a concern about the safety of your floor, then you may want to look into a reliable non-slip solution.

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