5 easy tricks to fix why is my mac so slow

Worried about why is my mac so slow? Well, you’re not alone. Google search is replete with such queries.

Mac slowdown is not an unusual sight but experiencing it at the most inopportune moments can really be frustrating. If Mac, too, is acting up unexpectedly, it’s time to roll up your sleeve and get to bring it back to its normal shape.

Thankfully, you can speed up Mac by performing some simple tweaks. Let’s dive in the article to learn the ways by which you can improve Mac performance by resolving issues like why is my mac so slow.

For those hesitating to make these fixes by themselves, the best mac cleaner can prove to be a useful tool to clean up and speed up Mac in minutes. PC is taking ages to load? All you need is the best mac cleaner to improve its performance, functionality, and life.

How to fix why is my mac so slow

  1. Free up the hard disk

Nothing slows down a computer than a cram-full hard drive. The users having heavy files like games, movies, and videos on their Mac are more likely to face performance-sapping issues like why is my mac so slow.

In order to speed up Mac, the best move is to sort all heavy and unused files and folders and delete them. You can also move them to an external drive or the cloud. Also, don’t forget to empty the trash of your Mac and apps like iMovie, iPhoto, and Mail.

For novice Mac users, the best mac cleaner is a powerful tool to clean up and speed up Mac most efficiently.

  1. Go for a malware-scan

No doubt that Macs are less targeted by malicious attacks as Windows do but Macs, still, encounter enough so as to make them sluggish. To make sure malware or other such codes don’t affect your Mac, run a malware scan from time to time.

  1. Manage Login items

Login or startup items are those apps and programs that launch immediately when you turn on your Mac. The more these items enabled, the heavier your Mac’s booting gets. By disabling these items, you can speed up the startup and fix issues like why is my mac so slow. Here’s how;

  • Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups
  • Click on your username > Login Items tab
  • Select all heavy and unwanted items and hit the ““ button

You can save hours of your efforts by choosing the best mac cleaner to speed up Mac startup as well as fix other issues in minutes.

  1. Clean up your desktop

This is one of most overlooked reasons of a sluggish PC. If you’re wondering why is my mac so slow, check whether your desktop is cluttered. If it is, delete all unwanted items or move them to compressed folders to free up system memory.

  1. Clear cache files 

If you’ve not cleared cache on your Mac since you bought it, there’s a huge pile of trash stored in your cache folder. This results in apps and programs responding slowly, making you wonder why is my mac so slow. Speed up your Mac by clearing cache from time to time.

  • Open Finder window > Go menu > Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library/Caches and press Enter
  • Open each folder and remove everything there
  • Repeat the same steps this time by typing /Library/Caches

For a busy and novice user, Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, is the most powerful tool that cleans and optimizes Mac for an improved performance.

You can use the best mac cleaner to fight against all performance-sapping issues like why is my mac so slow, single-handedly. It clears junk cache files and internet clutter, fixes system hang and unresponsive apps, resolves heavy Mac startup, frees up the hard drive, and a lot more. Use this best mac cleaner to fix these issues in a matter of minutes.

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