Choosing the Best Hosting for WordPress

Do you feel overwhelmed by many options related to wordpress Hosting? With so many options out there, this is so hard to find out which wordpress hosting that you need to choose. Finding the best hosting company for your wordpress websites was not easy as it must be. Whether you looking for the reliability and uptime most important for your need or you need fast servers and page load times?

There are many things that you need to know first before choosing wordpress hosting. So, this article will share you information about how to simplify and helo you to choose the best wordpress Hosting partner for you.

First, why do you need to use a managed wordpress host?

We all know that hosting companies offer you with server and technology space for customers who want to run their websites on the internet. You can consider that the hosting company as the apartment owner, where each apartment represents the server area or space to rent. Just like you need a living space, a website also needs a server and the hosting provider to still exist.

However, your websites were powered by wordpress web-published software which needs additional resources so that it can run smoothly and the scale when your sites receive many traffics. Nowadays, almost every hosting company out there claimed that you can install and run wordpress in their servers. But you will find out soon since you can install wordpress on the webserver does not always mean that your sites will save up the traffic.

What is the difference between Traditional Hosting and managed wordpress Hosting?

The traditional hosting basically means that you will be provided with a space on your shared web server and multiple levels of supports as well. You have to know the best hosting for wordpress before choosing one. The hosting provider may claim that their servers can run wordpress websites. But what they do not tell you is that you take responsibility for setting up your hosting access, migrating your old sites, installing wordpress, keeping your wordpress stay updated. Backing your sites, addressing the traffic scaling when you get a rise in your traffic and monitoring your malware.

Therefore, you have to know that managed wordpress hosting providers will address all those things for you so that you can stay focus on what is important for you and your content of course. That’s why this article recommends you with the managed wordpress hosting. You may consider cheap wordpress hosting as well.

So, what is best for you?

It’s all depending on what you need. Your need may be different from other persons. To determine which Managed wordpress host that fits best with your need, you can consider how important each feature that you need most, including scale, price, support, security, setup, and speed. If you think that all of those are important for you. Keep in mind that not all Managed wordpress Hosts for you based on the type of website that you have.

Are You New with wordpress?

If you are a beginner in wordpress or you just want easy wordpress Hosting and cheap, then you can start with easywp. You can spin up your new wordpress on this platform for less than two minutes. There is no stress over the complex interfaces or trying to find out the way to install wordpress. By using this software, you can make a new wordpress just using a few clicks only. This is one of the easiest managed wordpress hosts that you can use as a recommendation.

Do you run a small website on a budget?

If you looking for the budget WordPress Hosting with the direct phone service support, then you can consider godaddy. It was focused on providing you with all the resources and tools which been needed by small businesses to run a web-based business. They can provide you with these things at the lowest price. Although it was at a low price, it still provides you with many tools that may not provide by other hosts or charge the users at a higher cost. You can choose a pre-built website theme to make a new site and so on.

Are you DIY fans and need developer tools?

If you have a limited budget, but still need a developer-friendly tool, or you want to check siteground. Then their pricing levels were a bit higher than the previous one, but it offers you with more advanced features. You can choose wordpress hosting plans based on your budget and analyze your needs first.

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